2012 Annual Review

My theme for the 2012 year was “Thailand Or Bust”. I’ve been to North America, South America, Europe, and Africa. I meet travelers who tell me tales of great food, great beaches, exotic culture, and budget adventures in Asia. I didn’t make it to Thailand, yet. That’s now scheduled for May 2013. However, in December I arrived in Singapore (See picture above of the amazing Buddha Tooth Relic Temple). Asia was my goal for 2012 and I made it!

Each year (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) I write a preview of goals at the start of the year and a review at the end of the year. Here is the review for the year of 2012. Summary

I had a fantastic year. I traveled extensively while working and learning. I made growth in many areas of interest. I learned massive amounts too about how to do it all better; including setting more rigid goals.


  • Visited 2 new countries. 46 lifetime (I think).
  • 6 Months in Brazil
  • 2 Months in the Caribbean; snorkeling & diving.
  • Worked for the majority of the year; mobile development (iOS/Android), museum kiosk touchscreen work (Adobe AIR), and live audio streaming application coding (Wowza)
  • Launched a complete redesign & rebuild, including membership integration, for 2 of my key sites; http://www.RivelloMultimediaConsulting.com/ and http://www.NowAndThere.com. They look great.
  • Greatly expanded my Portuguese (PT), and brushed up with Spanish in Colombia. Both are very strong (and a bit confused, ha). My Italian (IT) took a back seat. I practiced with a couple Italian travelers here and there, but not much.

2012 Year in Photos


Before 2012, I created my 2012 Preview and included plans to start the year in Brazil and end in Thailand with possible stays; Mexico, Italy, & Croatia. The plan was tentative allowing for freedom.

Here are all locations I actually visited in 2012 by date;

  • Brazil – December 29, 2011
    • Work on-site
    • Study Portuguese for 4 weeks
    • Extended 3 month visa to 6 months to enjoy. First time doing an extension, ever.
  • USA – June 5
    • Given free attendance to a computing course on Sencha.com. I requested it after publishing an “Intro To Sencha” article on my blog.
    • Great interview with a top NYC gaming company.
  • Dominican Republic  – July 4
  • Bonaire  – August 2
  • Colombia  – August 31
  • USA  – November 27
  • Singapore  – December 1

Books I Read

  • ONE-TIME: Write blog post (N&T) book review for ‘Conversations With God’ and include a diagram about it. – Completed. The post is here “Book Review: Conversations With God
    • Non-Fiction
      • The Next 100 Years, by George Friedman – Completed.
      • E-Myth, by Michael E. Gerber
      • Non-fiction about the theory of relativity or the sciences of time-travel (See ‘Danca Do Universo’ below) – Completed.
      • Non-fiction about meditation, mindfulness, or life-balance. Completed. I read many books on this subject.
      • ADDED: The Founders Dilemmas by Noam Wasserman. – Completed. Fantastic overview of the challenges of when to found a startup, who to partner, who to hire, who to invest from.
      • ADDED: Rework, by Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson. – Completed. No-nonsense consise advice on working lean in your business. Has chapters like “Learning from mistakes is overrated”.
    • Fiction
      • Something by Henry Miller (Classic American Author)   – Partial. I tried ‘Tropic of Capricorn‘ but quit in disinterest after 25%.
      • The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald – Completed. Not ‘great’.
      • The Name of The Rose, by Umberto Eco– Completed. Super super super wordy about medieval religious history. Otherwise good.
      • Walden, by Henry David Thorea – Partial. I started it and enjoyed it, but stopped. Maybe I’ll return to it. It talks about quality of life, priorities, simplicity, essence of humanity, and so many great themes.
      • ADDED: Novel (Comedy) – Vonnegut? Not Completed. I read some classics, but not comedies.
    • Danca Do Universo, by Marcelo Gleiser. Theories on the creation of the universe and real macro/micro physics discoveries since. – Completed. Absolutely FASCINATING. Starts with what ancient cultures thought of the universe and carries that through history to the most modern thinkers in Physics. Clearly explains the theories of Einstein and others too.
    • Filtro Solar, by Mary Schmich – Completed. Thanks for this sweet gift, Raquel!
    • Computer Arts Projects Brazil – Completed. I partially read 10 or 20 issues. Very nice.
    • A Novel (Isabella Allende?)  – Partial. I tried ‘Casa De Los Espiritus‘ but it was too advanced for my Spanish skills after 11 months not using Spanish. I should try again now, fresh from 3 months of speaking Spanish daily in Colombia.
    • Poetry – Find a classic. Not Completed. I did not return to Italy in 2012 nor follow up with Italian studies.
    • Read a parallel text book (left page English, right page Italian). Good for non-advanced readers. Not Completed.

Music / Audio Books to Hear

I had been thinking recently to dig deeper into the catalog of a few bands and explore the music of some other cultures more actively. I also wanted to memorize the lyrics to a song in each of several languages – just for fun. I’ve done so further below.

  • ONE-TIME: Collect All Albums By These bands and load them into iTunes & devices to enjoy.
    • Muse – Completed
    • The Gorillaz – Completed
    • Foo Fighters – Completed
  • ONE-TIME: Memorize Songs By Language
    • Con Te Partiro (IT), Pensamentos (PT), and Muelle De San Blas (ES)  – Partial. I listen to them and read the lyrics regularly. Haven’t memorized them yet.
  • ONE-TIME: Collect a variety of representative music from these cultures (asking friends who know)
    • Samba (Brazilian)
    • World (African Influence)

Games / Apps

For pleasure and work I’m involved in video games and mobile apps. For research, inspiration,  fun I seek, find, and play new board games, card games, and of course video games & apps regularly. I have a laptop as well as Playstation Vita (mobile), and several other mobile devices. I had no specific goals for games in 2012. I probably downloaded about 100-150 games and apps (mostly free, mostly iOS). Here are some highlights of what I remember most.

  • Mac Laptop
    • Deus Ex : Human Evolution by Eidos. First-person sci-fi shooter. So-so story, fantastic production values, and engaging gameplay – kept me playing until the end.
    • The Walking Dead, by TellTale Games. This game honors the great TV show by the same name. The narrative mood and conversation-driven gameplay are both refreshing and refreshingly simple.
  • Playstation Vita
    • LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, by Tarsier Studios. IGN Review. The PS Vita is a new system in 2012. This is clearly the best game and best game specific to the vita (uses touch-screen, camera, etc…). Beautiful, varied, fun – kept me playing until the end. Allows for robust user generated games too which should give this game a long shelf-life.
    • Uncharted: Golden Abyss, by Sony Bend. IGN Review. This game redefines the production values and graphics that is possible on mobile. A solid game with great gameplay. A console-quality experience on Mobile.
    • Sounds Shapes, by Queasy Games. IGN Review. Fun, simple game with level-editor built in. What I find refreshing is to see an independent game developer making big waves on this new Sony device. Great to see the game on top of many top-of-2012 lists. It’s encouraging for indie developers.
  • iOS iTouch 
    • Evernote, by Evernote. I’ve used Evernote for computer off/on for years. It is a note-taking application. Now with its connectivity with mobile devices, its better than ever. I used to email myself todo’s and other notes. Now I use Evernote.
  • iOS iPad Tablet
    • Field Runners, by Subatomic Studios. The tower defense genre is crowded. Somehow this games balance and difficulty kept me playing.
    • Hero Academy, by Robot Entertainment. Pretty, turn-based multiplayer game. Something like checkers.
    • Paper, by FiftyThree. Elegant drawing program. Inspired me to purchase a stylus pen. I drew a lot with it, so did my mom and friends.
  • Android Tablet
    • The tablet is ‘ok’, Android seems ‘ok’, but I don’t use it much except to test my professional projects.
    • There are certainly top Android games of all time to recommend, but I have not played too many yet.



Sucess 290 100 v1


I am the Principal of Rivello Multimedia Consulting. Offer four core services in software development; Architecture, Development, Consulting, and Training. I will continue with those. I will also offer products – namely mobile apps & games. I started planning and producing my first mobile game in 2011, but did not yet launch anything.

I focus my services around the Adobe Flash Platform. Much is changing in the software development industry for browser, desktop, and mobile. I will investigate learning and working with alternative technologies; perhaps native iOS, perhaps HTML5.


  1. ONE-TIME: Write blog post (N&T) of “The Ideal Full-time Job”. Write as a job description that would; a) be perfect AFTER I decide to settle down or b) be so good it would halt my travels early. Then keep an eye out for this position.  Completed. The topic changed while writing it to Full-Time vs Freelance Careers.
  2. ONE-TIME: Create one, simple, complete, WordPress-based website as a portfolio piece. It must also serve a function (info, fun, or monetized). Include translation to 5 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French). Not Completed yet. I’m very interested and will move this to 2013 goals.
  3. ONE-TIME: Generate more passive income. Launch one monetized app or game into a mobile marketplace (Android / iOS). Not Completed yet. I learned a lot about the technical aspect to get this done, but launched nothing yet. I’m very interested and will move this to 2013 goals.
  4. ONE-TIME: Complete training (online?) in HTML5 and write a blog post (RMC) with a ‘HelloWorld’. Completed. I really recommend the free course http://www.codecademy.com/tracks/web.
  5. ONE-TIME: Create a new category on blog (RMC) of ‘Tutorials’. Create 5 videos of 5 mins or less as a P.O.C. to training companies, prospective trainees, and to explore the experience. Possible topics: Introduction to RMC, Welcome to Flash Professional, Welcome to Flash Builder, Using Flash and Flex together, Intro to Game design (use flyer game), and some advanced topic (something to get attention from advanced users and use as an advanced example. Completed. New entire site with a great training section – http://www.rivellomultimediaconsulting.com/training/
  6. BONUS: To investigate learning and working in technologies outside my core competency I researched, coded, and wrote blogs for several platforms. Completed. I wrote MANY MANY great articles; “Intro To Corona (Mobile)“, “Intro To Sencha“, “Intro To Node.js“, “Event Dispatching in Java“, “Intro To Stencyl (Games)“, “What is Gamification?“, and more…

Writing / Presenting

Presenting 290 100 v1


I spoke at many, many conferences in the past. Since I left the USA, I have done much, much less. As my language skills mature, it would be great to set speaking goals in local languages, but traveling to the USA just to speak is likely out of my interests for 2012.

I’m a bit shy (slow) to do it, but I really want to establish authority as a Location-Independent expert and share the knowledge (online, in person, to travelers). I have many related goals to contribute to my blog (N&T) in 2012, but should think bigger.


  1. ONE-TIME: Pitch to write more on both; a) technical topics [Flash/Flex/Gaming] to online & print magazines, b) non-technical topics [Lifestyle/Location-Independence] to online & print magazines. Build a list of a) and b) and send a cover letter and links to existing possible talk topics on my blog (RMC).   – Partial. I now have an open invite from two online magazines ( http://ffdmag.com & http://sdjournal.org/codersky-sample/ ) to write an article. Maybe in the near future I’ll write an article. So far I have not been motivated for it. 
  2. ONE-TIME: Speak online (Adobe User Group or similar) on a technical topic (Flash / Flex / Gaming). Completed. I scheduled an April 26th training session on Game Development for the Hawaii Flash User Group.
  3. ONE-TIME: Speak in person in local language on a technical topic.   – Partial. I met local businessmen and software developers several times using each Portuguese and Spanish. I’m confident I can interview and work in those languages. I didn’t actively seek presenting engagements in local languages. In 2013, perhaps I’ll speak local, but it’ll be in English (Asia).
  4. ONE-TIME: Write or present on a non-technical topic (Travel / Work-life-balance). Not Completed. I’m not sure where I’d present that. Perhaps at a hostel or a CouchSurfing in-person meeting.
  5. ONE-TIME: Make a PPT-type (Powerpoint) presentation about LIP. Not Completed. I’m interested to do this. I was particularly inspired by a prezo I found (). Perhaps I can do a PPT or maybe I can fold this into a programming experiment such as a slide-show of pictures that I program. or something.
  6. ONE-TIME: Publish (N&T) articles from 3 guest-authors. Not Completed. I asked a few friends for interest. No commitment. I did not search any wider though. N&T overall got less attention than I wanted this year.
  7. ONE-TIME: Write blog post (N&T) “The Paralysis of Liberty” about how difficult it is when I can literally travel ANYWHERE in the world, and somehow choose my next country. More abstractly how does ‘too much’ options paralyze us. Many of us avoid those scenarios by design (not recommended).
  8. RESEARCH: How can I establish expertise in Location-Independence and leverage that to writing and presenting?

Promotions & Marketing

Different 290 100 v1


Many of my RMC professional goals are predicated by getting more offers for work. Marketing myself more (RMC) is one way to attract more offers. Marketing N&T will help me build more reputation for Location-Independence expertise.



  1. ONE-TIME: Triple the amount of viable contract-work opportunities I’m offered.
  2. ONE-TIME: Increase RMC (@srivello) twitter followers from (286 Followers) to (500 Followers). We’ll assume this also helps the RMC (SITE) traffic.  
    Partial. I now have 378 followers as of 12/23/2012.
  3. ONE-TIME: Increase RMC (Site) unique visitors from 1,065 January Through October 2011 by 50% for 2012. Completed I had 34,822 annual unique visitors (Jan through Oct, 2012) 
  4. MONTHLY: Write 12+ new posts (6 editorial, 6 technical). Think fast and simple. –  Completed. The RMC site was completely redesigned in Feb 2012. Looks great and I added a whopping 46 posts to the site. 
  5. ONE-TIME: Create a free membership for RMC to encourage revisiting.- Completed. I even created a Wishlist Member Review post and received a free copy of the plugin from the creators. Nice! I have 324 members (570 including unconfirmed) as of 12/23/2012.
  6. QUARTERLY: Create a free RMC newsletter. Simply point to recent posts?
  7. ONE-TIME: Update my Facebook page (RMC) and attract 50 members. You can Like RMC on Facebook now!


  1. RESEARCH: Learn from online resources how to monetize a blog and implement some strategies to maximize return with minimal time investment.
  2. ONE-TIME: Increase N&T (@nowandtherefeed) twitter followers from (104 Followers) to (300 Followers). Not Completed. Totally FAILED. I now have 61 followers as of 12/23/2012. Oops.
  3. ONE-TIME: Create a free membership for N&T to encourage revisiting. – Completed. I even created a Wishlist Member Review post and received a free copy of the plugin from the creators. Nice!
  4. QUARTERLY: Create a free N&T newsletter. Simply point to recent posts?
  5. ONE-TIME: Update my Facebook page (N&T) and attract 50 members. You can Like N&T on Facebook now!
  6. ONE-TIME: Increase N&T (Blog) annual visits from 1,149 January Through October 2011 by 50% for 2012.
  7. MONTHLY: Write 12+ new posts (6 original, 6 reviews or editorial commentary). Think fast and simple.
  8. ON-TIME: Update existing speaking engagement pitches I created to improve quality and generate interest;Planning A Round The World Trip” and “Living Location Independent“.


  1. ONE-TIME: Fix ‘security error’ that appears as users arrive. – Completed. I think a theme was hacked or led to a hack. Now fixed.
  2. ONE-TIME: Increase GreatFlexDevelopers.com (a ‘find a developer’ website I created) annual visits from 1,229 January Through October 2011 by 50% for 2012. Contact all current members and ask for the email of others who should be listed. LIst them. Then contact all those listed and ask for ideas to promote the list. Share the traffic goal.
  3. ONE-TIME: Create a Facebook page (GFD) and attract 50 members. Encourage all current developers to ‘friend it’.

Family & Friends


Family 290 100 v1


For a few years I’ve had goals to meet new people and make friends. Its easy and hard while traveling full-time – its different. I certainly say hi to more people than ever, but to build relationships on-the-go is a challenge.

Over tea, in Egypt, my friend and I discussed how millions of dollars would change our lives. I’m lucky enough to say, within reason, I would continue to work in the same field, in some capacity, and certainly would continue to travel. One way, we both agreed to spend the money would be to treat friends to travel along with us – flights, trips, parties, etc… It reminds me of general goals to socialize with new and existing friends.


  1. ONE-TIME: Memorize 10 great jokes – At least one per language (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French). Not Completed. I got a great iOS app that has this, but its more funny to hear than truly helpful.
  2. ONE-TIME: Write Blog Post (N&T) – “Find The Ideal Travel Partner” (friend/ business partner/ mentor-mentee/romantic partner) and outline their qualities. Then search for that person (existing/new friends) and travel together.
  3. ONE-TIME: Write Blog Post (N&T) – “Find The Ideal Mate”.
  4. ONE-TIME: Host 1 friend. – Completed. Three times, friends came to RIO (stayed on their own) and I showed them around the city. We toured together, went out at night, and enjoyed Carnaval. I’ll keep an eye out to host more. While in Colombia I hosted for 3 weeks a new friend Phoenix (See his blog) as he quit his sedentary life and started his 5 years traveling the world and working from his laptop. 
  5. ONE-TIME: Host 1 CouchSurfer. Not Completed. 
  6. ONE-TIME: Host 1 family member. Not Completed. 

Financial (Earning)

Earning 290 100 v1


In 2011, my projects were really great. I was excited by the projects, enjoyed working with the people, and provided a great value for great compensation. In 2012, I would like to book more of my time for client-work and spend less time between projects and less marketing time.

The services I offer are good and my pay-rate range is both competitive and profitable.


  1. ANNUAL: Book 40 weeks of client-work.  Partial. I booked nearly that amount. However, the first few months of the year were a bit slow.
  2. ONE-TIME: Create a polished proof of concept (POC) mobile app with Ad-monetiziation. Doesn’t need to launch. – Completed. The Happy Birthday App is in my portfolio.
  3. ONE-TIME: Launch a free app/game for mobile. Use as promotion / portfolio. Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.
  4. ONE-TIME: Launch a monetized app/game for mobile. Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.

Financial (Saving)

Savings 290 100 v1


In 2011, I set goals for my revenue – dividing it properly between savings, investment in RMC, charity, and salary/taxes. I did well with this.

In 2012, I would like to be more aggressive to set invest particularly for the purchase of a home (TBD on when). I met with investment professionals, but was not excited by the returns vs risks they promised, so keeping funds conservative for now seems best.


  • MONTHLY: Fill existing emergency and residential funds. Build savings towards the purchase of a home. Partial.
  • ONE-TIME: Vet current banking & bills setup and implement changes to save money.  Completed. I have a core business checking and personal checking for cash-flow in/out. I have credit cards which I use in rare situations. Any debt is paid of within the first statement. I have a bank of retirement funds. I pay in the max annually. I see I continue to pay international & ATM fees which can be as high as 10%.
  • ONE-TIME: * Contact credit card companies and ask for lower rate.  Completed. A call every 6 months seems to work to at least lower a few percent. Another option is to get a new card per year (each have 0% or other lower percent for 6 months) and transfer over. Moreover, I don’t hold any debt for more than a month (if possible).
  • ONE-TIME: * Contact debit card companies and ask for best international setup (foreign banks, purchases vs cash-withdrawels, etc…) Completed. I found the ‘best’ card for travelers with zero international fees, applied, and received it.
  • ONE-TIME: * Transfer from Vonage (expensive) phone # to Google-Voice or Skype. Completed. I now have only Skype with zero monthly phone-call fees.
  • ONE-TIME: Write blog post (N&T) “Buying International Real-Estate” with an overview of other bloggers’ thoughts and include 3 vignettes of interest for me. 1) Condo in Buenos Aires (Urban, Spanish, on-site work opportunities), 2) Tropical Latin (Rural, Spanish, Beach), 3) Tropical Asian (Rural/Urban, Beach)  Not Completed.
  • ONGOING: Create a per-country daily-budget upon arrival in each country. Based on the length of stay, average accommodation cost, estimated food / entertainment costs, set a per-country budget. The objective is to predict expenses only to bring awareness when I am under / at / above the budget on a daily basis.  Not Completed.

Financial (Giving)

Saving 290 100 v1


I am a monthly sponsor at Children.org and sponsor at Kiva.org. I’m looking for ways to give more where the money is well-used for a cause of interest. In 2012, I’d like to financially give in other ways too. I’m sensitive to what is called ‘selfish giving’ and generally avoid it.

Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present. – Albert Camus


  1. QUARTERLY: Donate 5% monthly income to one charity in each country I visit for 1+ months. I prefer this to donating ‘on the street’.
  2. ONE-TIME: Financially help a local in need.
  3. ONE-TIME: Financially help a backpacker in need. Partial. I helped a traveler (non-financially) to setup a new website with wordpress and taught how to maintain it. After I made an HD Screencast Training Video To Learn WordPress.
  4. BONUS: More giving. – Completed.I am a monthly donor (for this year) to the Kony2012 project. Since donating I see much controversy reported online about the validity of the movement’s claims and practices. Oh well! I’ll check in with that at year’s end.


Learning 290 100 v1


I have always enjoyed the learning process. In recent years, I have increased my learning.

Peculiar Travel Suggestions are Dancing Lessons From God – Kurt Vonnegut


  • ONE-TIME: Complete a paid, client-project in mobile software development (So this would be something new). Completed. I had a great project for 3 months to create a cross-platform (iOS/Android) mobile application. The project itself is not on my portfolio, but a similar side-project is posted “Cross Platform Mobile Starter Kit (MSK)“.
  • ONE-TIME: Complete a paid, client-project in a project that is not based on the Adobe Flash Platform (which is my normal type of project). Partial. I had several pre-sales conversations with potential clients about HTML5 (mostly mobile) projects. I wrote an article about “Intro To Sencha” (HTML5) technology and created some demos. As a thanks the Sencha team invited me to 5 days of training in NYC. Nice. Sencha is a good product.
  • ONE-TIME: Write blog post (N&T) “My Current Languages” about languages. Test my current proficiency (a1,a2,b1,b2,c1,c2) and record a video of me speaking 5 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French).  Completed. Here is the “Learning Languages (Part 2)” article.
  • ONE-TIME: Study massage for non-professional use. Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.
  • ONE-TIME: Learn a musical instrument. Harmonica is mobile, but not that exciting to me… Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.
  • ONE-TIME: Take an online photography course. Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.
  • ONE-TIME: Write blog post (N&T) “Meaning of Joy” where I define 20 words like joy, pleasure, happiness, to learn the subtleties I don’t yet understand. Completed. Here is the “Meaning Of Joy” article.
  • ONE-TIME: Draw a world map without practice. Practice, draw it again with 100 countries and accurate boarders. Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.

Health & Sport

Sports 290 100 v1


During travel, I am intermittently active. When I hike and bike as part of a tour I am generally pleased with my abilities and level of fitness. However, from a general health perspective, I think I should include a more regular fitness plan.

I have no goals to change my diet or be ‘on a diet’. However I would like to alter my relationship with food. I feel that I often over eat and eat without being hungry. I think my current behavior is excessive.

I really miss snow-skiing. However I also dislike cold weather and avoid it. I’m not sure I will do any skiing in 2012, but I do miss it.


  1. RESEARCH: Read about ‘overeating’ and ‘eating when you are not hungry’ and learn how I can avoid these habits. Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.
  2. ONE-TIME: Attend Pilates class – Completed. What a great experience! Its like Yoga + Weights + Massage
  3. ONE-TIME: Get IKO certified as a kite-surfer.(Thailand?)  Completed. I learned that IKO certification is not a requisite to the sport. I completed an equivalent level to that of training and can kite solo down-wind (and fall down up-wind). I can rent equipment anywhere in the world and continue learning. I love kiting.
  4. ONE-TIME: Run one (more) 5k or 10k.
  5. ONE-TIME: Do a multi-day hike/camp/resort tour. Completed. I spent 2 days in the mountains outside of Medellín, Colombia in Santa Elena at the Mosaic Hotel & Spa.  I disconnected from technology and enjoyed spa treatments and relaxation.
  6. ONGOING: Surf more (Thailand?) Not Completed. In 2013 I’m booked to visit Bali, Indonesia which is a surfing mecca.



Spiritual power 290 100 v1


I enjoy learning about meditation, mindfulness,  and life-balance.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs


  1. MONTHLY: Attend 6 yoga classes. Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.
  2. ONE-TIME: First visit to acupuncturist. Completed. What a great experience! Its like Yoga + Weights + Massage
  3. ONE-TIME: Unplug from all technology for 7 days. Probably 48 hours was the maximum time in 2012 without internet. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.
  4. ONE-TIME: Visit multi-day retreat of yoga/spa/something. Not Completed. In 2013 I’m booked to visit Bali, Indonesia which is a yoga mecca. I’m researching spiritual retreats.
  5. DAILY: Using existing techniques, meditate for 15 minutes, 7 times per week starting January 1.   Partial. I practiced daily for a full month in March/April and again August. Establishing a regimen is a challenge while traveling, but it is certainly possible.


Passports 290 100 v1


For 2012, I have planned yet another year of full-time travel.

Interestingly, after years of ‘new places’, I plan in great part (see ‘Calendar’ above) to return to several countries. I think in part I’ve found some favorite places, but also, I’m looking to build my knowledge of local language and local history and culture on those favorite countries.


  1. ONE-TIME: Work on-site in the local language (Spanish). Not Completed. This is no longer an immediate goal.
  2. ONE-TIME: Work on-site in the local language (Portuguese). Not Completed. This is no longer an immediate goal.
  3. ONE-TIME: Extend a Visa-stay when I’m loving a country. – Completed. Extended my 90 day visa to 180 days in March.
  4. ONE-TIME:

    Write blog post (N&T) “The Importance of Travel – An AutoBio” and include  a timeline of my life (big picture) and list of travels. I’d like a dated recount of my travels too. Think about –  How am I different before/after long-term-travel. Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.

  5. ONE-TIME:

    Write blog post (N&T) “When to Use Frequent Flyer Miles” and include a general strategy on when. I need to know this info, so writing a quick article on it would help me research it.

     Not Completed. This is no longer an immediate goal.

Life Assessment

Assessment 290 100 v1


This post illustrates that I am a goal oriented person. Success, for some, is a process of a) where am I, b) where do I want to be, and c) how do I get to where I want to be. For me both a) and b) are really about self-awareness. I feel that I am of forded the time, energy, and interest for much introspection, but I’m still learning what makes me tick (think). I enjoy this search.


Goals in this section are not completed. I did not make it a priority.

  1. ONE-TIME: Complete a Meyers-Briggs personality profile test.
  2. ONE-TIME: Visit a therapist.
  3. RESEARCH: Read about ‘contrarian personalities’ and what it means to be inspired by opposing others
  4. ONE-TIME: Write blog post (N&T) – “My Greatest Fears” and include common fears (public speaking, death, etc…), my fears, and outline some activities to conquer those fears.
  5. ONE-TIME: Write blog post (N&T) – “Creating Your 5 Year Plan” and include my plan, and discuss the pros/cons of such a plan.

Coaching & Support

Coaching 290 100 v1


I met regularly with a career coach for 1-2 years. This year I had 1-2 sessions at the start of the year, but not after. I enjoyed the pioneering spirit of finding my own with the tools that my coach provided. I am interested to seek coaching in support, but perhaps in new ways.


  1. ONE-TIME: Build a list of characteristics in an ideal mentor and mentoring relationship. Seek a mentor (online?). Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.
  2. ONE-TIME: Find (or be found) by a mentee who wants to make the transition to professional living and travel as a location independent. Assist him/her. Explore that.  Completed. While in Colombia I hosted for 3 weeks a new friend Phoenix (See his blog) as he quit his sedentary life and started his 5 years traveling the world and working from his laptop. 


Volunteering 2 290 100 v1


I would like to do more to give back. Donating in ‘Financial (Giving)’ is a nice start, but I like the social aspects of giving my time to a cause too. I have not done much of this in the past and would like to find more opportunities to help. I’m interested to help in many areas, but especially related to art/teaching/computers.


  1. ONE-TIME: Complete a long-term (2+ weeks) volunteering.  Partial. I found, interviewed, and landed a great job. I booked a January 17th, 2012 start for 6 weeks of teaching “Intro To Adobe Flash” in Mexico. Nice! However this opportunity fell through on the organizer’s side. I’m looking for more opportunities in 2013 and there appears to be plenty in Asia.
  2. ONE-TIME: Volunteer at an animal conservation/rescue location. Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.
  3. ONE-TIME: Volunteer at an child-aid / orphanage location. Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.


Fun 290 100 v1


Ironically, I’m planning for more whimsey.

I am very open to new experiences, and have nothing but time and flexibility. I want to have some more fun, again, in 2012!


  1. ONE-TIME: Write blog post (N&T) “Goose-Chase Goals” and then do them. These are activities that encourage me; a) to explore an area, b) to get out of comfort zone, c) to be social, and d) to have a good story. Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.
  2. ONE-TIME: Skinny Dip (More…)  Completed.
  3. BONUS: Shaved one arm completely to see if anyone would notice. Not one person noticed before it grew back.  Completed.
  4. ONE-TIME: Dance a samba, dance a salsa, dance a waltz.  Completed all 3. Especially Samba at Carnival in Rio. 
  5. RESEARCH: Google ‘taking yourself less seriously’ and read about it. Learn the benefits and make a loose plan. Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.
  6. BONUS: Rent a motorcycle.Completed many times in Philippines.


Creativity 290 100 v1


I consider myself a creative person. I can put my stamp onto projects both small and large and feel I’m expressing myself through crafts and work. I’d like to learn more about creativity this year – simply reading a bit and practicing creativity exercises more. I’d like to be able to articulate creative processes better and help others to be creative.

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” Aristotle

“A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.” — Frank Capra

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.”  — Henry David Thoreau


  1. MONTHLY: Update art.RivelloMultimediaConsulting.com with annual photos and 6 non-photo artworks. Completed.
  2. ONE-TIME: Do a photo essay on a person that I meet. Completed. MuitasSaudades.com
  3. ONE-TIME: Buy an interesting yet totally out-of-character magazine and read it cover to cover. Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.
  4. ONE-TIME: Take a drawing / painting class. Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.
  5. ONE-TIME: Write original, non-ironic, poetry. . Completed. MuitasSaudades.com

Attitude / World View

Worldview 290 100 v1


I’ve been thinking a lot about individuality and its role in a person’s life. Reading the book “Conversations With God 1, 2, & 3” (Read My Review) recently was very interesting as well. Its pampering to non-traditionally-religious or a-religious people, but also hits on a really nice blend of individual responsibility, spirituality, and the role of religion in our lives.

My Current View: Is that I am overjoyed when religion’s effect helps someone be a kinder, more fair, happier person and disappointed when religion’s effect causes a person to be less than what he is or to treat others poorly. I’m curious of the ratio of help vs hurt there.

So, we are born perfect (not wrong, not sinned, not ignorant, not bad) and during our life or lives we rediscover that perfection. Each individual works at a different pace at rediscovering that perfection, and that pace may change over time. Our spirit is perfect and our mind and body try (or not depending on the situation) to follow that perfection. Being authentic (to our spirit) is the most direct path to realize that perfection. The more we can be true to our spirit, the closer to our own perfection we are. Following our heart (i.e. spirit) is most perfect. I created this diagram to underline the simplicity of decision making in this world view.



  1. ONE-TIME: Write blog post (N&T) “Futurecasting & Dreamscaping” which outlines the law of attraction and visualization and how to benefit from it. Include an ideal ‘day in the life’ for me and reflect on it.
  2. RESEARCH: Google ‘film documentaries that change your world view’ and watch the top 5.   Partial. I watched ‘Thrive’. Very broad scope. Entertaining.



Please leave any comments and questions below and I’d love to answer them here too. Pardon my grammar and spelling. Rapid, free, stream o’ consciousness is my goal, nothing more formal.