2013 Annual Preview

My theme for the 2013 year is “Love Thyself”. I would like to educate myself and work consciously to forgive myself, recognize my greatness, and attract the worlds gifts to me without self sabotage, guilt, and doubt.  Many of my goals echo this mission. Being in the East will help bring a fresh perspective to how I interact with the people around me and how I reflect on myself.


I’m starting the year in Asia. I will continue to work full-time while traveling through the continent with a focus on Southeast Asia.


Here is a tentative geographic plan for the year.

  • Singapore  – December 1
    • Enjoy Amazing food from Malaysia, China, India, and more…
  • Philippines– January 3
    • Dive with sharks
    • Explore islands
  • Bali, Indonesia– March 1
    • Surf
    • Yoga
    • Volunteer?
  • Singapore– April 27
    • Get visas for more travel. Where? No idea, but Singapore is a good travel hub to find out more.

Other possible locations; Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, & Myanmar.



Sucess 290 100 v1 Summary

I am the Principal of Rivello Multimedia Consulting. Offer four core services in software development; Architecture, Development, Consulting, and Training.


  1. ONGOING: Continue to offer my four core services: architecture, consulting, development, and training for Adobe-centric software.
  2. ONGOING: To rebrand my four core services from Adobe-centric software to the competitive Unity3D platform. This includes new marketing and restructuring for my business and new education for me. Unity3D has a bright future and I will reinvent myself to establish expertise.
  3. ONE-TIME: To rebrand web-presence to be technology agnostic, with new, prominent presence of Unity3D.
  4. BONUS: To investigate learning and working in technologies outside my core competency I researched, coded, and wrote blogs for several platforms.

Writing / Presenting

Presenting 290 100 v1 Summary

Writing online is a good promotional tool for RMC and a good creative outlet.


  1. ONE-TIME: Make a PPT-type (Powerpoint) presentation about LIP.
  2. ONE-TIME: Publish (N&T) articles from 3 guest-authors.
  3. RESEARCH: How can I establish expertise in Location-Independence and leverage that to writing and presenting?

Promotions & Marketing

Different 290 100 v1


Many of my RMC professional goals are predicated by getting more offers for work. Marketing myself more (RMC) is one way to attract more offers. Marketing N&T will help me build more reputation for Location-Independence expertise.



  1. ONE-TIME: Triple the amount of viable contract-work opportunities I’m offered.
  2. ONE-TIME: Increase RMC (@srivello) twitter followers from (378 Followers as of 12/23/2012) to (500 Followers). We’ll assume this also helps the RMC (SITE) traffic. 
  3. ONE-TIME: Increase RMC (Site) unique visitors from 34,822 January Through October 2012 by 30% for 2013.
  4. MONTHLY:Write 12+ new posts (6 editorial, 6 technical). Think fast and simple. 
  5. QUARTERLY: Create a free RMC newsletter. Simply point to recent posts and send to all members (RMC includes free sign-up already). Include website link (obviously) and Facebook link.
  6. ONE-TIME: Increase my Facebook page (RMC) from (53 likes March 2013) to 100 likes. You can Like RMC on Facebook now!


  1. ONE-TIME: Fix ad-banners. They work on some browsers but not others.
  2. ONE-TIME: Increase N&T (@nowandtherefeed) twitter followers from (62 Followers, March 2012 ) to (300 Followers). 
  3. QUARTERLY: Create a free N&T newsletter. Simply point to recent posts and send to all members (RMC includes free sign-up already). Include website link (obviously) and Facebook link.
  4. ONE-TIME: Incease Facebook page (N&T) from (12 likes March 2012) to 50 likes. You can Like N&T on Facebook now!
  5. ONE-TIME: Increase N&T (Blog) annual visits from 747 visits January Through October 2012 by 50% for 2013.
  6. MONTHLY: Write 12+ new posts (6 original, 6 reviews or editorial commentary). Think fast and simple.


  1. No Goals

Family & Friends

Family 290 100 v1 Summary

For a few years I’ve had goals to meet new people and make friends. Its easy and hard while traveling full-time – its different. I certainly say hi to more people than ever, but to build relationships on-the-go is a challenge.


  1. ONE-TIME: Memorize 10 great jokes – At least one per language (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French).
  2. ONE-TIME: Write Blog Post (N&T) – “Find The Ideal Travel Partner” (friend/ business partner/ mentor-mentee/romantic partner) and outline their qualities. Then search for that person (existing/new friends) and travel together.
  3. ONE-TIME: Write Blog Post (N&T) – “Find The Ideal Mate”.
  4. ONE-TIME: Host 1 friend.
  5. ONE-TIME: Host 1 CouchSurfer.  
  6. ONE-TIME: Host 1 family member.  

Financial (Earning)

Earning 290 100 v1 Summary

Last year in 2012, my projects were really great. I was excited by the projects, enjoyed working with the people, and provided a great value for great compensation. In 2013, I would like to book more of my time for client-work and spend less time between projects and less marketing time.

The services I offer are good and my pay-rate range is both competitive and profitable.


  1. ANNUAL: Book 25 weeks of client-work. Jan 1 through Feb 1 completed already.
  2. ONE-TIME: Launch a free app/game for mobile. Use as promotion / portfolio
  3. ONE-TIME: Launch a monetized app/game for mobile.

Financial (Saving)

Savings 290 100 v1 Summary

Here are goals…


  • MONTHLY: Fill existing emergency and residential funds. Build savings towards the purchase of a home.
  • ONE-TIME: Ship my new, travel-friendly Citibank card to me and use it as primary credit.

Financial (Giving)

Saving 290 100 v1 Summary

I am a monthly sponsor at Children.org and sponsor at Kiva.org. Here are more goals…

“We only have what we give” – Isabel Allende


  1. QUARTERLY: Donate 5% monthly income to one charity in each country I visit for 1+ months. I prefer this to donating ‘on the street’.
  2. ONE-TIME: Financially help a local in need.
  3. ONE-TIME: Volunteer my time.


Learning 290 100 v1


I have always enjoyed the learning process. In recent years, I have increased my learning.

Peculiar Travel Suggestions are Dancing Lessons From God – Kurt Vonnegut


  • ONE-TIME: Complete a paid, client-project in a project that is not based on the Adobe Flash Platform (which is my normal type of project).
  • ONE-TIME: Record a video of me speaking 5 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French).
  • ONE-TIME: Study massage for non-professional use.
  • ONE-TIME: Study piano.
  • ONE-TIME: Study cooking (multi day course).
  • ONE-TIME: Take an online photography course.
  • ONE-TIME: Draw a world map without practice. Practice, draw it again with 100 countries and accurate boarders.

Health & Sport

Sports 290 100 v1


During travel, I am intermittently active. When I hike and bike as part of a tour I am generally pleased with my abilities and level of fitness. However, from a general health perspective, I think I should include a more regular fitness plan.

I have no goals to change my diet or be ‘on a diet’. However I would like to alter my relationship with food. I feel that I often over eat and eat without being hungry. I think my current behavior is excessive.

I really miss snow-skiing. However I also dislike cold weather and avoid it. I’m not sure I will do any skiing in 2013, but I do miss it.


  1. RESEARCH: Read about ‘overeating’ and ‘eating when you are not hungry’ and learn how I can avoid these habits.
  2. ONE-TIME: Attend martial arts class.
  3. ONE-TIME: Run one (more) 5k or 10k.
  4. ONE-TIME: Do a multi-day hike/camp tour.
  5. ONE-TIME: Do a multi-day yoga/meditation retreat.
  6. ONGOING: Surf more


Spiritual power 290 100 v1 Summary

I enjoy learning about meditation, mindfulness,  and life-balance.

“Make your own Bible. Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of a trumpet.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. MONTHLY: Attend 6 yoga classes. Not Completed. I’m still interested in this goal for the future.
  2. ONE-TIME: Get Thai Massage in Thailand
  3. ONE-TIME: Unplug from all technology for 7 days.
  4. ONE-TIME: Visit multi-day retreat of yoga/spa/something.

Daily Goals

Spiritual power 290 100 v1


Here are some objectives I’d like to accomplish each (moment of each) day. Some of these goals overlap other sections. That is ok!

“We become what we repeatedly do.” – Sean Covery

Highlights Physical

  1. DAILY: Diet – Enjoy fruit and only fruit for breakfast. Fruit is optional the rest of the day.
  2. DAILY: Diet – Eat only a ‘palm-sized’ amount of protein each day. This means much less protein (and meat) than before.
  3. DAILY: Diet – Most of my daily volume of food will be vegetables, preferably raw.
  4. DAILY: Diet – Focus on local, in-season foods.
  5. DAILY: Be conscious of my breath
  6. DAILY: Be conscious of posture

Highlights Emotional / Communication

  1. Express “I love you” every time I feel it.
  2. Find & complete an excellent emotional “workbook” (example or something by Carolyn Nyss).
  3. Work on loving myself. 1) Research how, 2) Read more, 3) Establish a practice.
  4. DAILY: Speak assertively w/ natural voice. I often speak at more passive, slightly higher voice.
Highlights Spiritual

  1. Visit a meditation-specific retreat or class-series.
  2. Volunteer 60 days
  3. Show gratitude every time I feel it.
  4. DAILY: Be conscious of my breath



Passports 290 100 v1 Summary

For 2013, I have planned yet another year of full-time travel.


  1. ONE-TIME: Get a Visa in one foreign country for another foreign country. – Completed. While in Singapore I got a 60 day visa to Philippines and 60 day Visa to Indonesia. Funny, that’s the first time I ever did that.
  2. ONE-TIME:

    Write blog post (N&T) “The Importance of Travel – An AutoBio” and include  a timeline of my life (big picture) and list of travels. I’d like a dated recount of my travels too. Think about –  How am I different before/after long-term-travel.

Life Assessment

Assessment 290 100 v1 Summary

post illustrates that I am a goal oriented person. Success, for some, is a process of a) where am I, b) where do I want to be, and c) how do I get to where I want to be. For me both a) and b) are really about self-awareness. I feel that I am afforded the time, energy, and interest for much introspection, but I’m still learning what makes me tick (think). I enjoy this search.


  1. ONE-TIME: Complete a Meyers-Briggs personality profile test.
  2. ONE-TIME: Visit a therapist.
  3. RESEARCH: Read about ‘contrarian personalities’ and what it means to be inspired by opposing others
  4. ONE-TIME: Write blog post (N&T) – “My Greatest Fears” and include common fears (public speaking, death, etc…), my fears, and outline some activities to conquer those fears.
  5. ONE-TIME: Write blog post (N&T) – “Creating Your 5 Year Plan” and include my plan, and discuss the pros/cons of such a plan.

Coaching & Support

Coaching 290 100 v1 Summary

I met regularly with a career coach for 1-2 years. This year I had 1-2 sessions at the start of the year, but not after. I enjoyed the pioneering spirit of finding my own way with the tools that my coach provided. I am interested to seek coaching in support, but perhaps in new ways.


  1. ONE-TIME: Build a list of characteristics in an ideal mentor and mentoring relationship. Seek a mentor (online?).
  2. ONE-TIME: Find (or be found) by a mentee who wants to make the transition to professional living and travel as a location independent. Assist him/her. Explore that.


Volunteering 2 290 100 v1 Summary

I would like to do more to give back. Donating in ‘Financial (Giving)’ is a nice start, but I like the social aspects of giving my time to a cause too. I have not done much of this in the past and would like to find more opportunities to help. I’m interested to help in many areas, but especially related to art/teaching/computers.


  1. ONE-TIME: Complete a long-term (2-4 weeks) volunteering.
  2. ONE-TIME: Volunteer to teach English
  3. ONE-TIME: Volunteer at an child-aid / orphanage location.


Fun 290 100 v1 Summary

Ironically, I’m planning for more whimsey.

I am very open to new experiences, and have nothing but time and flexibility. I want to have some more fun, again, in 2013!


  1. ONE-TIME: Write blog post (N&T) “Goose-Chase Goals” and then do them. These are activities that encourage me; a) to explore an area, b) to get out of comfort zone, c) to be social, and d) to have a good story.
  2. ONE-TIME: Laugh aloud (More…)
  3. RESEARCH: Google ‘taking yourself less seriously’ and read about it. Learn the benefits and make a loose plan.
  4. BONUS: Hire a (unofficial) guide for a day.


Creativity 290 100 v1 Summary

I consider myself a creative person. I can put my stamp onto projects both small and large and feel I’m expressing myself through crafts and work. I’d like to learn more about creativity this year – simply reading a bit and practicing creativity exercises more. I’d like to be able to articulate creative processes better and help others to be creative.

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” – Kurt Vonnegut


  1. MONTHLY: Update art.RivelloMultimediaConsulting.com with annual photos and 6 non-photo artworks.
  2. ONE-TIME: Do a photo essay on location.
  3. ONE-TIME: Buy an interesting yet totally out-of-character magazine and read it cover to cover.
  4. ONE-TIME: Take a drawing / painting class.
  5. ONE-TIME: Write original, non-ironic, poetry.

Attitude / World View

Worldview 290 100 v1


I’ve been thinking a lot about individuality and its role in a person’s life. Reading the book “Conversations With God 1, 2, & 3” (Read My Review) recently was very interesting as well. Its pampering to non-traditionally-religious or a-religious people, but also hits on a really nice blend of individual responsibility, spirituality, and the role of religion in our lives.

My Current View: Is that I am overjoyed when religion’s effect helps someone be a kinder, more fair, happier person and disappointed when religion’s effect causes a person to be less than what he is or to treat others poorly. I’m curious of the ratio of help vs hurt there.

So, we are born perfect (not wrong, not sinned, not ignorant, not bad) and during our life or lives we rediscover that perfection. Each individual works at a different pace at rediscovering that perfection, and that pace may change over time. Our spirit is perfect and our mind and body try (or not depending on the situation) to follow that perfection. Being authentic (to our spirit) is the most direct path to realize that perfection. The more we can be true to our spirit, the closer to our own perfection we are. Following our heart (i.e. spirit) is most perfect. I created this diagram to underline the simplicity of decision making in this world view.



  1. ONE-TIME: Write blog post (N&T) “Futurecasting & Dreamscaping” which outlines the law of attraction and visualization and how to benefit from it. Include an ideal ‘day in the life’ for me and reflect on it.
  2. RESEARCH: Google ‘film documentaries that change your world view’ and watch the top 5. Write blog post (N&T) “Finding Inspiration Online” about such videos/links.   Partial. I watched ‘Thrive’. Very broad scope. Entertaining.



Please leave any comments and questions below and I’d love to answer them here too. Pardon my grammar and spelling. Rapid, free, stream o’ consciousness is my goal, nothing more formal.