9.5 Simple Habits to Make Your Life Better

I will be exploring these in depth in future articles.  This serves as a placeholder.  This is my personal list of ‘Simple Habits to Make Your Life Better’.  Leave a comment with your favorites.

  1. Live within your means
  2. Get regular rest.  Fyi, If you are tired, you aren’t rested.
  3. Pay bills online, pay none in person
  4. Get regular haircuts
  5. Plan your life in increments of endless dreams, 3 goals, 3 tasks per goal, 7 days per task.  Live your life in 7 day increments, allowing goal-time, personal time, leisure time, & learning time, etc…
  6. Exercise your body 3 times per week for 20 minutes, or more.
  7. Watch no regular television.
  8. Watch no televised news (if you must get news, get it from the least sensationalized sources, i.e. NYTImes (But even that’s not great.)
  9. Avoid talking about taxes and politics

and…9.5. Reflect on the negative, dwell on the positive.