Hello, My Name Is Sam


My name is Sam. I am an American and I travel full-time by choice. I have an art degree and a software company; RivelloMultimediaConsulting (RMC). I create mobile applications and games. I love my work. Finding new clients with ideal projects is a great challenge — but its a welcome challenge.

I was born near Philadelphia, USA. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters; one is younger and the rest are older. After university I moved to Los Angeles for 7 years. I was a found-team-member of a great startup and we grew the company for 7 years. Two years after selling the company, I began to travel. After more travel during my vacations from work, I decided to start RMC in Los Angeles, build experience, and then travel full-time.

When I was young I started learning languages. I learned a small amount of French and studied more in Highschool and university. Through my travels, and more language classes, I have learned Spanish, Portuguese, & Italian too. My current language skills include these 5 languages, and I’m interested to expand what I know.

Travel is my passion including; learning about local history and culture. I’ve been to 5 continents. I have quickly visited dozens of countries, but my preference is to spend extended time – so I have spent 2-3 months each in another few dozen countries; almost all of Central & South America for example. Travel frames my life and everything I do. Doing so full-time is certainly an amazing experience but I do miss friends and family. Living this way is a compromise, but one I love.

Interests include reading (typically I have a novel and a self-help open at the same time), playing video games (research for work, ha), and watching movies of all types.

For a creative outlet I like to cook. About half of my time I have an apartment or other access to a kitchen. I take a cooking class in most countries and some favorites include Indian, Italian, Brazilian, and Thai. As an artist-by-education I love to draw too, especially architecture.

For exercise I like to run 2-3 times per week (when I have an apartment). If near trails I love to hike steep trails for great views. Near the coasts I love swimming; I am a PADI certified rescue scuba diver and SSI certified free diving (hold breath, no tank). I enjoy snorkeling in clear waters. My newest hobbies include kite-surfing.

If you have any questions or comments please post below.