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We are actively looking for others to help with N&T.

Contribute Your Article

Have you been served well by age-old advice? Did you discover something one day that has just clicked about how to live your life? If you could do it all again, and would do it much differently, could others gain from your knowledge?

For my blog I’d love to have the contributions of like minded individuals. Your story need not be original for my site, but it must be your own.I won’t be able to personally get back to everyone who submits a story, but if your story is chosen, I will contact you via email.

Here is a partial list of topics of interest:

  • “What is stopping me from leaving this traditional 9×5 life?”
  • Yoga topics
  • Making time for self-improvement in daily life
  • Diet & Nutrition topics

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Contribute Your Artwork

If you are not a writer, but you are an artist, that is great too!

I am looking to partner with an artist for a series of commissioned works. The works would be online here, custom made to fit a series of articles. A goal of this site is to seek book publishing. A successful online art series would be up for publishing too.

Here is a partial list of art styles of interest:

  • Realistic
  • Minimalist & Colorful
  • Cartoon

Here is a partial list of artwork of interest:

  • Maps (artful world map and a few countries – not a detailed map, just a fun map)
  • Iconography for ‘travel’, ‘yoga’, ‘mindfulness’, ‘lifestyle design’, etc…
  • One-time or Recurring comic strip

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Offer Your Consulting Services

Soon N&T will offer “Location Independence” consulting and coaching. Our aim is to help our friends have “Freedom in Business, Adventure in Life”. For many this means transitioning to self-employment and starting a more mobile lifestyle. This will be a paid service and consultants will be compensated.

If you would like to know more contact us today!.

If you have any friends who are interested to contribute, please pass along the link to this page. Thanks so much for years of help and support!